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Why Winters are beautiful in the bush

By April 24, 2023Press and Media

An African winter wonderland is golden and earthy. It is calm but wild and even though it may look bare, it is never without life. This is the Kruger National Park in its dry season. In winter, the thick foliage falls away, the grass is shorter and the watering holes are fewer, so the visibility of wildlife is at its peak.  This is the season when you have the most incredible sightings, especially of predators who would otherwise hide in the tall grass. The mild temperatures and the fact that there are fewer mosquitos are extra perks.

For bird lovers who are enraptured with raptors — birds of prey, including the African Hawk Eagle and Bataleur — winter is especially attractive as June is their breeding season. Their courtship of elaborate aerial displays, calls, posturing and dance can be seen and heard.

Need more convincing? Check out our three Extraordinary properties in the area for a bit of magical winter holiday inspiration …

Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge

The sunset-orange hues of the traditional Tsongan suites at Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge will rid you of any winter blues. Dine around the warmth of a campfire in the chilly evenings and snuggle up by the fireplace in your private suite after a full day’s safaris.

Imbali Safari Lodge

Soak away winter chills in a bubble bath with views of wildlife splashing in the N’waswitsontso River. After sunset, dig into a hearty dinner while you relive the safari adventures of the day.

Hamiltons Tented Camp

Watch elephants and warthogs come to the water hole metres from your private deck as you sip a cup of tea or a warming tumbler of whiskey. The temperature-controlled luxury tented suites make any winter’s night a dreamy experience.

Don’t spend winter holed up in the city, come to the Kruger National Park for an Extraordinary safari winter-wonderland holiday.