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Meeting in the bush couldn’t be more pleasant than at Mabula Game Lodge, with three fully equipped conferencing venues on offer.

The newly refurbished Marula Conference Venue seats up to 60 delegates Cinema-style, 30 U-Shape and 50 in a Boardroom configuration. Offering a fixed projector and AV facilities, Marula is 7.16m x 12.6m in size.

The largest conferencing venue on offer at Mabula Game Lodge is Kingfisher Conference Centremeasuring 22.5m x 10.95m in size and accommodating up to 160 delegates Cinema-style, 70 in a U-shape and 100 in a Boardroom configuration. Kingfisher has its own bathroom facilities

Baobab Conference Centre is the smallest of the three venues measuring 1.66m x 10m in size and accommodating up to 40 delegates Cinema-style, 30 in a U-shape and 30 in a Boardroom configuration.

As part of their bush conferencing experience, delegates can choose from an interesting array of themed tea and coffee breaks, from Wild at Chocolate, guaranteed to get any chocoholics heart racing, to Mabula Ice Age, offering different flavoured ice-creams with an astounding array of toppings from chocolate sprinkles to Amarula cream.

“Discover the fire within” fire walk
Test your limits with the fire walk, a catalyst compelling individuals to make big decisions about their future. This deep bonding experience is perfect for sales and leadership teams and has been known to revolutionize organisations and individuals.

Amazinga-zinga Race
Discover the treasures of the bushveld as you race against your peers gathering essential items along the way. Teams work together to be the first to reach the final destination following a series of clues leading them through the bush. There are loads of activities, excitement and surprises en-route to the final destination.

African Craft Art
Create a corporate piece of art based on traditional and contemporary cultural skills of African village painting, beadwork, and clay pottery.

Family Fun Day
Bring the kids! This is a superb opportunity for your team and their families to get to know each other, their cultures, talents, and skills and enjoy a rewarding and entertaining day together. In addition to family games like soccer shoot off, kids will be kept busy in the Spiderweb, Obstacle Play Bed or Mountain net climber, among other inflatables.

Laser Pigeon Shooting
No loud shots, no sore shoulder. Test your shooting skills on a laser-shy pigeon.

Lessons from the wild
Learn life skills from the animal world with this form of experiential training.

Murder Mystery Dinner
In the ultimate bush whodunit, delegates can participate in a Murder Mystery Dinner at Mabula Game Lodge. This interactive play will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to solve the mystery.

Corporate Chaos
Teams run their own company with an obscure list of tasks that can generate profits. The simulation becomes about leadership, prioritisation, and methods of delegation while using the team’s strengths and weaknesses. The objective of the event is for each team to strive to make as much profit as possible to appease their shareholders.

Art of War
Participate in a realistic military simulation, involving stealth as opposed to enemy confrontation. Tasks and duties need to be allocated, such as scouting, bomb disposal and defending your position.

Conferencing Venues

Kingfisher (22.5m x 10.95m)

  • Cinema Style – 160 Pax
  • School Room – 130 Pax
  • U-Shape – 70 Pax
  • Board Room – 100 Pax

Baobab (7.66m x 10m)

  • Cinema Style – 40 Pax
  • School Room – 35 Pax
  • U-Shape – 30 Pax
  • Board Room – 30 Pax

Marula (7.16m x 12.6m)

  • Cinema Style – 60 Pax
  • School Room – 50 Pax
  • U-Shape – 30 Pax
  • Board Room – 50 Pax


  • Pens and note pads
  • Whiteboards
  • Flipchart


  • Cable Microphone & PA system
  • CD / DVD Player
  • Data Projector
  • TV

All the conference rooms at Mabula are air-conditioned.

The seating capacities above are an indication and may vary depending on specific requirements.

Download Mabula Conference Fact Sheet