Between 1926 and 1953, the Lugedlane community was forcibly removed from their, namely the Ludwigslust farm. Recently, the farm has been returned to its rightful owners and has been Mpumalanga’s largest settled land claim to date.

The community’s initial intention was to use the property for housing and farming, however, owing to the poor soil quality and limited water resources agricultural pursuits were challenging. The close proximity to the Kruger National Park and wild life diseases like Foot and Mouth, also made cattle farming unviable.

These factors led to the land being used in conjunction with the conservation objectives of the Kruger National Park. The result is the Mjejane Game Reserve, a wonderful new private game reserve and real estate investment opportunity, which borders the southern boundary of the Kruger National Park.

The Lugedlane community will reap direct benefits from this venture, including profiting from the sale of the stands and building of the lodges. The community are also closely involved with maintaining the bushveld, the day to day running of the lodges, as well as working as game rangers