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Mabula Ground Hornbill Project: Newsletter May 2018

By June 4, 2018December 11th, 2018Press and Media


One of the major outcomes of the Population and Habitat Viability Assessment that we hosted last year, now published by the IUCN and available here, was that a national Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) was required, to ensure that the conservation of the species was elevated to governmental level.

To-date the conservation of this species has been driven by NGOs and academics and it was vital to ensure that government conservation and agriculture departments rose to this challenge. We, together with SANBI-NZG, hosted 28 stakeholders to participate in the first round of BMP stakeholder discussion as to how we turn the tide for this species.

The success of this first workshop can be attributed to both the hard work of all participants and the excellent facilitation by Coral Birss (CapeNature). The next step is now finalising the action plan, taking that to three provincial nature conservation departments for input and comment, and then hopefully we will have a product that the Minister of Environmental Affairs will support and gazette…