Extraordinary and our Partners are proud to be associated and involved with the following conservation projects.

Mabula Private Game Reserve is the proud home of three cheetah that were released on to the reserve and have been extensively studied to determine how they have adapted to their new home and to what extent they are impacting on their prey species, kudu and impala.
Booooom… that’s the sound the groundbreaking Mabula Ground Hornbill Project is fighting to protect.
Between 1926 and 1953, the Lugedlane community was forcibly removed from their, namely the Ludwigslust farm. Recently, the farm has been returned to its rightful owners and has been Mpumalanga’s largest settled land claim to date.
The Chobe Enclave Conservation Trust in Botswana is dedicated to making a maintainable difference to the environment, and to the local community.  Africa Albida Tourism has partnered with the Trust while developing Ngoma Safari Lodge in Chobe.
The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit, established in 1999, is a non-profit organization devoted to preserving the wildlife and natural habitat of the area.
The fate of the Black and White Rhino in Southern Africa grows ever increasingly serious. When the spate of rhino poaching started in South Africa in 2008 no one could have predicted that the onslaught that would follow would now leave the rhino teetering on the edge of extinction.