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A Fly-On-The-Wall View of Wildlife in Victoria Falls

By November 5, 2019Press and Media

Africa Albida Tourism

Photos: Sarah Kerr

Words: Marianne Betts

Victoria Falls has a hidden treasure, so hidden the wildlife doesn’t even really know it’s there – it is a unique hide on the edge of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s well-known waterhole.

Siduli Hide was designed to look like a termite mound, concealing onlookers inside it, as they watch game in the Zambezi National Park come to the water’s edge just a few metres away to drink.

It is a much-loved Victoria Falls activity, on which professional guide Charles Brightman takes small groups of nature lovers and photographers.

At Siduli Hide the elephants often get so close you can count their eyelashes, and they’ve been known to put their curious trunks through the narrow opening and knock over drinks.

While the exceptionally close-up encounter with these magnificent creatures is truly mesmerising, Brightman’s incredible knowledge of all things flora and fauna, brings the experience to life, making even the tiniest creatures fascinating!

On a hot dusty late October afternoon photographer Sarah Kerr spent a couple of hours in Siduli Hide with Brightman.

Kerr says: “I loved my time in the Siduli Hide – especially the way in which being hidden allows you to become a part of the natural landscape and observe animals undisturbed behaviour.

“From baboon troops foraging and crocodiles sunbathing to impala delicately picking their way around the waterhole, it was magic,” she adds.

“Of course, the highlight was the silent approach of six male elephants just after sunset, however, even without this it would have been great.”

This is what she saw:

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